Mobi-Mat installation at municipality of Egiros

In cooperation with the “Perpato” Association of Disabled Persons and with funding by the Greek Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace, the Municipality of Egiros installed Mobi-Mats (A2X, total length 53 metres) on “Arogi-En-Plo” Beach.

The mayor of the Municipality, Mr. Evangelos Litsos, stated that for the next season they are planning to install beach access mats on six more beaches of the municipality (another 180 metres), with the support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Members of “Perpato” had the opportunity to use the mats and loved them. Their president, Mr. Alex. Taxildaris, pointed out: “In practice, these mats are very handy and friendly, not only for wheel-chair users but also for pedestrians who do not wish to walk on the sand. The mats will make it easier for our members to visit this beach. Additionally, this equipment is going to give high publicity to our municipality”.

For more information about the above purchase, you may contact Mr. Ath. Vlachos.

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