SY.DI.AP.s experienced and capable staff decisively contribute to the company’s success in the area of waste management. SY.DI.AP. responds on every special need putting always the customer at the center of its attention. Each product of SY.DI.AP. is supported by highly experienced technicians who will cover your every need on original spare parts or technical assistance.

Διάδρομος πρόσβασης και προσπέλασης Mobi-Mat

Mobi-Mat® is a portable and removable rollout access pathway that can be used for pedestrians, disabled persons, wheelchair users, strollers, bicycles and vehicles including ATVs, golf carts, maintenance and emergency trucks. It is a patented roll out recycled polyester mat, designed for supporting access on unstable grounds like sand and gravel on the shoreline or lakes.


The objective of technological environmental management is the welfare of people and nature, as those are the ultimate beneficiaries of any successful technological solution. This is the ideals upholds and promotes. is the personal web-blog of Athanasios Vlachos, owner of SY.DI.AP. company, who is active in the field of new environmental technologies and products designed to improve human life and its environment.

Save energy. Reduce the amount of harmful waste material. Recycle and reduce the amount of trash. In you will find a great range of ecological products which provide an eco-friendly quality of life. Our ambition is to provide everything needed for the improvement of the environment in your house, on your garden or your business premises. We offer a great range of products suitable for improving the standard of living of people with disabilities or with other special needs.

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