SY.DI.AP. company was established in February 1997 as a private company and was altered to an Ltd. With a capital of € 146.735,14 ( 50.000.000 GRD) in 2000.

Through its presence in the area of waste management, its experienced and capable staff decisively contributed to the company’s success. The responsible work and study of every special need and most importantly the priority given to human relations are the main axis of the company operation.

The company headquarters are in Thessaloniki, Municipality of Pylaia (28 Kountourioti str. Tel.: 2310-326.717), at its own private 2.000 m2 premises. Each product of SY.DI.AP. company, is technically supported by highly experienced technicians who are ready to cover every need in original spare parts and any other technical assistance requested. The basic aim of any cooperation made by our company is the offering of solutions of excellent quality that will contribute to the efforts made for the restoration of the modern city environment.

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