Mobi-Mat installation at municipality of Paleo Faliro

Following a successful forum which was organized at the Municipality of Paleo Faliro/ Attica by the French Embassy of Greece with the title “Free access to the Natural Environment”, the administration of the municipality proceeded to the purchase of three Moby-Mats (A2X type) of a total length of 85 m. … Continue reading

Mobi-Mat installation at municipality of Egiros

In cooperation with the “Perpato” Association of Disabled Persons and with funding by the Greek Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace, the Municipality of Egiros installed Mobi-Mats (A2X, total length 53 metres) on “Arogi-En-Plo” Beach. The mayor of the Municipality, Mr. Evangelos Litsos, stated that for the next season they are planning to … Continue reading

Mobi-Mat access mats presentation at island of Rhodes

On 18 and 19 May 2006 mobile access mats Mobi-Mat were installed and tested on the beach “ELLI” of Rhodes. The presentation was attended by the President of the Dodecanese Association of People with Disabilities and the mayor of the municipality. The results were impressive and all the attendees show … Continue reading

Mobi-Mat installation at Cyprus

In May 2004, Mobi-Mat walkways were installed at a municipal campsite in Cyprus, helping access to the beach and sea. “People with moving difficulties can now move freely and go everywhere they want. This makes them feel society welcomes them and accepts them.”